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Monterey Criminal Defense Attorney

Shawn Mills, has been a Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Defense Attorney for nearly 20 years, in Monterey County, California. If you are arrested for a DUI in Monterey County, Criminal Defense Lawyer Shawn Mills is here for you. Shawn thinks differently from most other DUI defense attorneys; he thinks like you. It is Shawn’s ability to take complex legal issues and reduce them to simple bite-sized issues that is easily understood by the most stressed clients.

If the police are talking to you, you should be talking to me! A practicing attorney for over Eighteen years, Shawn Mills comes to the practice of law with unique skills and a unique approach to how he represents his clients. Shawn would tell you that if you do not experience the difference after just your free consultation then feel free to find the right attorney for your case. The reason that Shawn suggests such drastic action is that he is one hundred percent convinced that you will see the special approach that he brings to your case and your life after just a few minutes. Degrees in Psychology and Counseling are just the beginning;professional and life skills and experience that seem too diverse to be true, but are, all contribute to his uncanny ability to analyze your legal matter and prove to you that not only does he understand your legal challenge, but more importantly he understands you. If you are in a legal pickle, do not let just a “normal” over-worked attorney treat you with a take-a-number mentality, while Shawn will treat you with dignity and respect, valuing the relationship long after your case is behind you. Not only a lawyer, but a valuable life resource. If you have been arrested for a dui call Shawn Mills today!