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DUI Defense AttorneyBottom Line: We care! You deserve more than just a lawyer. There are many fine Criminal Defense lawyers in the 831. Experience is just the first factor. I have been defending the citizens of Monterey County for the better part of two decades. If you do not connect with your attorney, will he or she do any better in court? Face it; many people go through the Monterey County criminal court system for a wide range of Criminal offenses every day.

To the Judge and the District Attorney all Defendants look the same. You do not get special treatment if you are pretty or ugly. You do not get special treatment for being tall or short, thin or fat, or even rich or poor. It is up to your lawyer to make you stand out; to be seen as a person and not just another case number. You need to be seen as a person and not some potential criminal. If your lawyer lacks the ability to interact on a personal level with the system’s players, you are going to be just another number; you will fail to standout and to get the attention your deserves.

Make sure that your attorney has passion for your case and not just your credit card. Before setting that first consultation date, call several defense attorneys. If you do not connect as people move on. Your lawyer holds the key to explaining who you are and what happened to you when meeting with the Judge and District Attorney and maybe a jury. You will never have the chance for any meaningful contact with these players in the system yourself. Your legal case is presented on your behalf to the judicial players. If your lawyer does not seem to about your case, that will come across to the Judge and the District Attorney; you will be just another case number. If your lawyer is just there for the buck, you will know it and so will the District Attorney. We will help you stand out.

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We Can Help: monterey criminal defense attorney, dui, assault, domestic battery, theft, embezzlement, sex crimes, expungements, payment plans, free consultations

We can help: DUI, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Theft, White Collar Crimes, DUI Defense, Drug Possession, Embezzlement, Monterey Criminal Attorney.